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The product only requires a low-voltage power supply, which is enough to get full LED illumination. It only uses a transformer to change the building's basic 120V electrical supply to a 12V electronic supply. .
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  • Custom 3 Layer Stainless Steel Steamer Pot With Rack | Zhenneng Cookware Manufacturer
    Custom 3 Layer Stainless Steel Steamer Pot With Rack | Zhenneng Cookware Manufacturer
    Introducing this stainless steel steamer pot, equipped with a 3 layer stainless steel steamer pot and steamer rack, perfect for cooking a variety of dishes. This exceptional product stands out from its competitors on the market due to its unparalleled performance, quality, and appearance, earning it a stellar reputation. Zhenneng stainless steel steamer manufacturer has taken into account past product defects and made continuous improvements to ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, the specifications of this steamer can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. Choose 3 layer stainless steel steamer for an exceptional cooking experience.Thanks to its advanced technology, this stainless steel steamer for cooking with a 3 layer steamer pot is ideal for use in both family and hotel settings. This innovative product maintains stable chemical and physical properties, ensuring optimal performance. Rigorous testing has demonstrated that the steamer is highly suitable for use in the field of steamers, providing you with complete peace of mind. 
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