Why does the stainless steel pan stick to the pan?


The stainless steel pot sticks to the pot because the temperature rises rapidly after heating, and after contact with the food, the food that comes into contact immediately sticks to the pot due to the temperature.

There are tiny pores on the surface of stainless steel. When the pot is heated, these small pores will be squeezed and deformed due to thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in different sizes. If food is put in at this time, adhesion will occur due to the unevenness of the stainless steel surface.

In addition, carbonized ingredients will definitely stick, so the food must not be mushy. The super heat conduction of the stainless steel pot will carbonize the ingredients.

The solution to the sticky stainless steel pot:

1. It needs to be heated evenly before each use

Uniform heating can make the "holes" on the surface of the stainless steel pot evenly open. When the holes on the surface of the food pot are evenly attached to the food, there will be no sticking phenomenon.

2. Do not use high heat when using stainless steel pots, but use medium and small fires.

The heat conduction ability of stainless steel pan is very good, so it is easy to carbonize the food quickly when the fire is high, resulting in sticking pan.

3. Wipe the stainless steel pot with ginger slices, and put the pot on the fire.

4. Use chopsticks or a stainless steel shovel to lightly shovel the bottom of the pot to cook ingredients without sticking to the pot. Never use plastic kitchen utensils.

5. The stainless steel pot can be maintained before use.

Use white vinegar to heat and clean the stainless steel pan, and then brush oil during the heating process, so that the capillary pores on the surface of the stainless steel pan can absorb the oil, so as to achieve the effect of non-stick pan.


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