What should I do if there are dripping stains in the stainless steel pot?


The stainless steel pots in our kitchen are used every day. After a long time, there will be yellow stains and black stains on them. This kind of yellow stains are very difficult to remove, even steel wool can’t be wiped off. Here’s a little trick that only needs to be used at home Everything you have at home can be easily wiped clean.

Prepare a small watering can first. We have white vinegar in every house. Pour a little into the watering can. Now use white vinegar to spray a layer on the stainless steel pot. After spraying the white vinegar, we will take some salt and sprinkle it evenly on a yellow stained place. Take another paper towel, cover it, and finally spray white vinegar again, and let it stand for about 10 to 20 minutes.

If it is an old yellow stain for many years, you can spray white vinegar several times in the middle and prolong the standing time to increase the effect. When the time is up, we take off the paper towel, and we can see that the yellow stains on it have been dissolved. We take a scouring pad and wipe it with the rough side, and the stubborn yellow stains on the surface of the stainless steel pot can be wiped off.

Stainless steel pots are not only easy to get dirty on the outside, but also have yellow stains on the inside. We can also use another method to wipe them off.

Take a used egg shell, crush it, and then wipe it with this sponge, together with the egg shell, and wipe it on a yellow stain. The yellow stains that could not be washed off before have become very clean now.

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