What kind of material is good for frying


Pot is the main cooking tool. I prefer stir-fried dishes. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable wok. Now woks are made of many materials. Which one should we choose? What is the best material for woks?

The material is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a household wok. The quality of the wok material not only determines the performance of the wok, but also affects the follow-up care such as maintenance, and is more related to the hygiene of the cooking food and the body of the eater. Healthy, so we need to do some homework on the material.

First of all, it depends on the heat conductivity of the wok. Thermal conductivity silver in metal>copper>aluminum>iron>The prices of stainless steel, silver and copper are relatively high, and there are few woks made of these two materials on the market, and the patina from copper dissolution is also poisonous, so they are generally not used.

The remaining aluminum, iron and stainless steel have moderate thermal conductivity, but it is easy to overflow the aluminum element when cooking in an aluminum pan, which is harmful to the body. Although the thermal conductivity of stainless steel is not as good as that of aluminum and iron, in the process of cooking and cooking, stainless steel pots rarely have dissolved substances due to their stable physical properties.

What kind of material is the frying pan?

There are three kinds of frying pans on the market: iron wok, stainless steel wok, and alloy wok. Pure copper, etc., the material of each wok is different, and the performance will also be different. Some wok manufacturers will add coating treatment to the surface of the product, so some woks will also have special properties such as non-stick and heat accumulation.

1. Iron pot material Iron pot is a relatively traditional and ancient material for making woks. It does not have any other special substances, has strong anti-oxidation ability, and has a relatively long service life. Studies have shown that food cooked in iron pots It can retain the vitamins in vegetables to a certain extent, and the iron pot can also release iron elements during use, which can help people replenish blood and is very durable.

Iron pans can heat up quickly when cooking, and are more suitable for cooking food. If you choose an iron pan, you should choose a thicker bottom, but the disadvantage of iron pans is that they are easy to rust, which is not good for your health.

2. Stainless steel material

Material characteristics of stainless steel pan: Compared with iron wok, stainless steel pan is lighter in weight, which is very suitable for ladies who are not very strong, and the degree of firmness will not be compromised at all. The balance of quality among the three.

In addition, the stainless steel pot is not suitable for rusting, and it will not hide dirt. It can greatly reduce the workload when cleaning. If it is cleaned frequently and the method is proper, the pot body can maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time.

3. Alloy wok

Alloy materials are generally aluminum alloy products, which are more popular now and cost-effective, but you must choose a good brand, as poor quality will be harmful to the human body.


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