What are the assorted sizes of Gastronorm pans?


Gastronorm pans, also known as GN pans or Gastronorm containers, play a significant role in the foodservice industry. These standardized pans are widely used in restaurants, hotels, catering services, and other culinary establishments. Gastronorm pans are constructed from stainless steel, making them durable, easy to clean, and resistant to corrosion. They are designed to fit perfectly with gastronorm shelves, trolleys, and other GN compatible equipment. Gastronorm pans come in various sizes, allowing chefs and kitchen staff to conveniently store, cook, and serve food in an organized and efficient manner. Let's delve into the different sizes of Gastronorm pans and explore their uses!

What is Gastronorm?

Gastronorm is a standardized system for food containers and equipment that was first introduced in Switzerland. It has become the international standard for the measurement and compatibility of pans, trays, and other food containers. The Gastronorm system ensures that pans from different manufacturers fit together seamlessly, allowing kitchens to maximize space, organize ingredients, and streamline food preparation.

The GN Pan Sizing System

The Gastronorm system categorizes pans according to their size, depth, and capacity. Each Gastronorm pan is labeled with a numeric size, denoted by GN, followed by a number that specifies its depth. The most common sizes range from GN 1/9 to GN 2/1. The numeric value indicates the ratio of the pan's length to its width. For instance, a GN 1/1 pan has a length equal to its width, while a GN 1/2 pan is half the length of a GN 1/1 pan. The depth of Gastronorm pans is typically standardized and can range from shallow to extra-deep, allowing chefs to select the appropriate size for their culinary needs.

The Versatility of Gastronorm Pans

Gastronorm pans are incredibly versatile and can be utilized in various stages of food preparation, storage, and presentation. Let's explore the different sizes of Gastronorm pans and their specific applications:

1. GN 1/9 and GN 1/6 Pans:

These smaller Gastronorm pans are commonly used in buffet displays, salad bars, and other areas where limited portions or small quantities of ingredients are required. They are perfect for storing and presenting salad dressings, sauces, condiments, and toppings in a compact and organized manner. The GN 1/9 and GN 1/6 pans can fit into GN refrigerated wells, keeping ingredients fresh and easily accessible for assembly or garnishing plates.

In addition to condiments, these smaller pans are also suitable for individual portions of desserts such as mousses, tarts, or mini cakes. Chefs often use these pans to create visually appealing and manageable servings for buffets or events where precise portion control is required.

2. GN 1/4 and GN 1/3 Pans:

The GN 1/4 and GN 1/3 pans are slightly larger than the 1/9 and 1/6 sizes. They are commonly used for holding ingredients that require frequent access, such as pre-cut vegetables, sliced fruits, or mixed salads. These pans can be placed in GN compatible refrigerators or on prep stations, ensuring that the ingredients remain fresh, well-organized, and easily accessible during the busy periods of food preparation.

The GN 1/4 and GN 1/3 pans are also ideal for pre-portioning or storing individual servings of baked pasta dishes, casseroles, or gratins. Chefs can prepare these dishes in advance, cover them with GN compatible lids, stack them in refrigerators, and reheat them as needed. These pans provide convenience, portion control, and an organized storage system.

3. GN 1/2 Pans:

The GN 1/2 pans are one of the most frequently used sizes in commercial kitchens due to their versatility and ability to hold larger quantities of ingredients. These pans are suitable for various applications, including storing prepped vegetables, marinating meats, holding pre-cooked sauces, or serving soups. Their flexible size and depth make them an integral part of any professional kitchen.

In addition, the GN 1/2 pans are commonly used for preparing and serving dishes such as lasagnas, roasted poultry, or oven-baked desserts. Their size allows chefs to showcase their culinary creations effectively, ensuring that food is evenly cooked and presented in an appealing manner. The GN 1/2 pan can also be used with GN compatible lids to securely store leftovers or transport dishes to off-site events.

4. GN 2/3 and GN 1/1 Pans:

The GN 2/3 and GN 1/1 pans are among the largest options available in the Gastronorm system. These pans are most commonly used for bulk food preparation, large-scale events, or when catering to a high volume of guests. The GN 2/3 pan is roughly two-thirds the size of a GN 1/1 pan.

Catering companies and establishments that require large-scale food production often rely on GN 1/1 pans for cooking, holding, and serving food. These pans are suitable for preparing large quantities of stews, curries, or casseroles, making them an excellent choice for buffet-style service or self-serve stations. Their generous capacity allows for better portion control, reduces the frequency of refilling, and ensures that guests are promptly served.


Gastronorm pans are a vital component of any professional kitchen. Their standardized sizing system provides consistency, compatibility, and flexibility for chefs and kitchen staff. From compact individual portions to large-scale food preparation, Gastronorm pans are available in a variety of sizes to meet the specific requirements of different culinary operations. Whether it's storing, cooking, or serving food, Gastronorm pans offer convenience, organization, and efficiency, allowing chefs to excel in their craft and deliver exceptional dining experiences. So, next time you step into a commercial kitchen or enjoy a buffet spread, take a moment to appreciate the importance of Gastronorm pans in the art of culinary excellence.


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