What are the aspects of stainless steel kitchen equipment?


Although stainless steel kitchen equipment is not easy to rust, it cannot be used for long-term storage of condiments such as edible salt, vinegar, and soy sauce, because these condiments contain a lot of electrolytes. Due to the action of the electrolyte, a primary battery reaction will be formed in the metal material, and chemical changes will occur, causing stainless steel to rust, and even elements that are harmful to human health can be separated.

1. Do not heat an empty pot. Compared with iron products, this kind of kitchen utensils not only have low thermal conductivity, but also take a long time to transfer heat. If they are burned without placing items, the substances on the surface of the products will fall off and degrade.

2. Do not use irritating chemical solvents for cleaning when cleaning. Because of the same, irritating strong chemical solvents such as strong acid and strong alkali have electrolytes, which are very easy to chemically react with the product.

3. It is forbidden to use it to cook traditional Chinese medicine, because the medicine contains too many organic ingredients, especially when heated, it is impossible to prevent it from reacting with it, which will lead to the loss of the original effect of the medicine, and even in severe cases It is very likely that a large part of the toxin will be produced.

4. Do not buy inferior kitchen utensils and equipment. The metal materials that may exist in inferior stainless steel kitchen equipment will cause harm to human health. Before purchasing, you must carefully read the main parameters in the instruction manual.

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