These 6 "bad habits" can harm stainless steel pans


Many people use stainless steel pots at home. It has many advantages, such as fast heat conduction, easy maintenance, and even heating. However, if the method is used improperly, it may be damaged and the service life will be shortened. Among them, the stainless steel pot has been used for a long time and found that these 6 "bad habits" make it easy to turn yellow and black and difficult to clean.

1. Wash the pot with cold water before it cools down

After using the stainless steel pot, wait until the pot is completely cooled before cleaning it. If the pot has not cooled down, put it directly in the sink and wash it with cold water, which may cause cracks or deformation of the stainless steel pot.

2. Wash with dishwasher

Many people now have dishwashers in their homes. For convenience, kitchen utensils like to be thrown into the dishwasher for automatic cleaning.

However, the cleaning time of the dishwasher is generally longer, ranging from 1 hour to 2 hours at most, and the temperature inside is relatively high, and more detergent needs to be poured in during use, which may damage the The surface of the stainless steel pan causes rust.

Therefore, it is recommended to use a soft cleaning cloth such as a loofah bag to clean the stainless steel pot. Do not use a material as hard as a steel ball to brush the pot, which will easily cause many scratches on the surface of the pot.

3. Add salt to cold water

During the use of the stainless steel pot, when the pot is still cold, do not add salt to it, because this may cause many small potholes on the surface of the pot, and it is not easy to recover.

Therefore, it is more appropriate to wait until the water in the pot is boiled before adding salt.

4. The scale in the pot has not been removed

Usually use a stainless steel pot to boil water. After a long time, you will find that there will be a layer of white scale on the bottom of the pot. Once you find this situation, wash it off in time, otherwise it will affect the heat conduction efficiency of the stainless steel pot, and it will take a long time. The longer it is, the harder it is to clean these scales in the future.

As for the cleaning method of scale, you can pour water and white vinegar into the pot, the ratio is 3:1, then boil the water, turn off the fire and soak for a while, wait for the pot to cool down, and clean it with detergent .

5. After washing the pot, do not dry the water

After cleaning the stainless steel pot every time, use a clean rag or kitchen paper towel to wipe off the water in the pot, so that scale is not easy to appear. Moreover, it does not take time to wipe the water in the pot directly, and it can be done in a minute or two. It takes a long time to wait for it to air dry or drain naturally. The key point is that wiping off the water in the pot in time has a significant effect on delaying the appearance of scale.

6. Failure to remove scorch marks in time

If there are burnt marks on the stainless steel pan, clean it up and use it again. Because the scorched area is often prone to rust, if it is not cleaned up and continues to be used, it will soon become yellow and black.

The method of cleaning scorch marks is also very simple. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot to soak the burnt area, and then pour an appropriate amount of baking soda into the pot. After the water becomes slightly white, turn on the fire and boil the water , and then continue to cook for about 5 minutes.

During the cooking process, if the water is about to overflow, turn down the heat a little. After cooking, let the pot cool down, and use the loofah bag to scrub the scorched area, so that it will be cleaned quickly.

All in all, when using stainless steel pots, you must avoid the above 6 "bad habits", which are easy to damage the pot and make it turn yellow and black and difficult to clean.

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