The Right Way to Use a Stainless Steel Pan for the First Time


Whether a pot is good or not determines the quality of your dishes. It is very important to use the stainless steel pot for the first time after buying it, which depends on how long the pot can be used. Today, the editor of zhenneng kitchen utensils will introduce to you the correct way to use the stainless steel pot for the first time and some matters needing attention during use.

First tear off the labels on the inside and outside of the pot. Some labels are tightly attached and difficult to tear off by hand. You can drop a few drops of essential oil. After the essential oil is completely absorbed by the label, it will be easy to tear off.

Then use a damp rag with dish soap to wipe the pot inside and out.

After rinsing with clean water, pour boiling water and a little white vinegar into the pot, shake the pot body, and let the vinegar water wash every part of the inner pot.

After washing, you can safely use the pot to cook anything you like! Guangdong Zhenneng Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of stainless steel kitchenware.

Main products: Composite material series, wide side pot series, trimming pot series, expansion pot series, high pot and low pot, Chinese frying pan, the annual output is bar high cabinet. Welcome to inquire if necessary!

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