Contraindications for the use of stainless steel kitchen utensils


Stainless steel is made of iron, chromium, and nickel alloys, and then mixed with trace elements such as molybdenum, titanium, cobalt, and manganese. Its metal properties are good, and the utensils it makes are beautiful and durable. However, if stainless steel kitchen utensils are used improperly, heavy metal elements will slowly "accumulate" in the human body, endangering the health of customers. Today, let zhenneng stainless steel explain to you the taboos of using stainless steel kitchen utensils.

1. Avoid storing too acidic food

Stainless steel kitchen utensils should not hold white vinegar, mature vinegar, acidic liquids such as juice, etc. Because the electrolyte in these raw materials can have a complex "electrochemical reaction" with the metal elements in stainless steel, so that the elements in them are excessively dissolved and separated.

2. Avoid washing with strong alkali and strong oxidizing agents

Such as alkaline water, soda and bleaching powder.

Because these strong electrolytes will also "electrochemically react" with certain components in stainless steel, thereby corroding stainless steel utensils and causing them to dissolve harmful elements.

3. Avoid boiling and decocting Chinese herbal medicines

Because the ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine are complex, most of them contain a variety of alkaloids and organic acids. When heated, it is easy to chemically react with certain ingredients in stainless steel, and may even produce some more toxic substances.

Four, should not empty burn

Because the thermal conductivity of stainless steel is lower than that of iron and aluminum products, and the heat conduction is relatively slow, empty firing will cause the chrome plating layer on the surface of the cooker to age and fall off.

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