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In daily life, when everyone buys a frying pan, they all need a non-stick pan, which not only fully reflects their cooking skills when cooking, but also solves the trouble of cleaning the pan after frying. But the non-stick pans on the market are all coated with Teflon. This chemical coating will slowly separate out during use, especially in Chinese cooking, and it will be eaten and imported by us inadvertently, which is harmful to human health. is harmful. So now many families choose relatively high-end stainless steel pots and utensils, so as to reduce the damage of cooking utensils.

But stainless steel pots are not completely non-stick. Good Jiangmen pot manufacturers can make them physically non-stick, so how can they make the stainless steel pots they buy non-stick? The staff of zhenneng stainless steel pot manufacturers hereby introduce their experience for your reference.

1. Pour some white vinegar in a stainless steel pot first, that is, edible white vinegar, such as vinegar essence is better. Continue heating to near tumbling, turn off heat.

Then take a steel brush with a handle and scrub the inner surface of the pot with boiling vinegar to remove the oil and impurities on the inner surface of the stainless steel. After cleaning, pour out the white vinegar and rinse it with clean water.

2. Heat the pot with high heat until all the water droplets evaporate, then continue heating to make the pot very hot (use a little water on your hands and pour it into the pot to test it, if the water drops roll directly on the pot surface, then the pot will be smooth It's hot enough.

3. At this time, turn to medium and low heat, pour in cooking oil at the same time, and then keep shaking the pot to make sure that the inside of the pot is covered with oil, and let the oil stay in the pot for two or three minutes. This process requires a stainless steel pot The capillary pores on the surface can absorb these oils to achieve the effect of non-stick pan.

Here, it would be better if you buy a piece of pigskin with full fat and grease. Slowly wipe the lard skin and keep wiping the body of the pot. The lard seeps out and is absorbed by the body of the pot. The whole process lasts for half an hour, and the body of the pot is shiny. of.

4. When frying things, first turn on the medium-low heat. After the cold oil goes down, keep the medium-low heat to heat the oil for about two minutes. By the way, move the pot to let the oil evenly adhere to the inside of the pot, and then turn on the fire to the intensity you need. Fry and stir fry as usual.

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