Stainless steel pot maintenance tips


Every good pot needs to be cared for carefully, as the saying goes, "A good pot leads to the door, and the maintenance depends on the individual"! The schedule for maintaining the pots and utensils in the kitchen as when we first saw them must be arranged! A maintenance schedule must be scheduled.

"Pot etiquette" when we first met

1. Squeeze a small amount of detergent on a sponge or other soft cloth, and wipe the inner and outer walls of the pot evenly.

2. After washing with warm water, wipe dry with a clean cloth.

3. Pour an appropriate amount of white vinegar and hot water into the pot, shake the pot so that the white vinegar water flows evenly into every corner of the pot.

4. Rinse the inner and outer walls and bottom of the pot again, wipe it clean and use it.

Keep in mind the little trick of "hot pot and cold oil". Stainless steel pots are more suitable for cooking with hot pot and cold oil. Don't wait for the oil to have fine lines before adding ingredients, then the oil is already hot.

There is another important point in cooking with hot pot and cold oil, that is, don't rush to turn the ingredients, you need to wait until the surface of the ingredients has solidified and can be easily pushed before frying. Of course, for the stainless steel composite bottom, sticking to the pan is not terrible. Basically, it can be easily cleaned after soaking in water.

Daily companionship, pay more attention to detail maintenance

1. After the pot is used, it is convenient and economical to use the residual temperature of the pot to clean the pot.

Add water and a little dish soap. Use a sponge or scouring pad to clean the inside and outside of the pot.

2. If there are white spots on the inner wall of the pot after use, it is because the starch in the water and food is attached to the surface of the pot wall during the heating process.

Removal is easy and simple, just wipe with a little vinegar or lemon slice.

3. If the pot body appears iridescent, it is caused by excessive heating of salt and minerals in food, and it can be cleaned with a special stainless steel cleaner.

4. After the pot is used; no matter what brand of detergent is used to scrub, the pot must be rinsed with clean water at the end, and the pot must be wiped dry with a dry cloth.

Otherwise, the cleaning agent left in the pot will corrode the surface of the pot when it is wet.

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