It tastes better when the stainless steel pot is boiled!


Bought a new stainless steel pot, do you not know how to open it? Opening the pot before use can make the pot less likely to stick to the pot during use. The following editor will explain to you how to open the stainless steel pot.

step one:

First wash the pot carefully with a detergent to wash off the dirt attached to the pot during production and processing.

Step two:

Pour an appropriate amount of vinegar and water into the pot, heat it to boiling, then pour it out and wash it with water.

Step three:

Heat the pot, turn off the heat when it reaches a certain temperature, pour a small amount of cooking oil, and rotate the pot body so that the cooking oil is evenly coated on the inner surface of the pot. You can use chopsticks to hold a paper towel and spread evenly in the pot to make the pot absorb evenly Oil, or use fat pieces to smear the entire body of the pot, so as to achieve a physical non-stick effect.

Step four:

Let it stand for 6-8 hours or more to achieve the effect of fully forming the oil film.

After that, you can use it with confidence!

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