Stainless steel pot becomes "sticky"? how to use?


In daily life, we often feel that stainless steel pots are not as easy to use as traditional iron pots because we don’t understand the casting principles and usage methods of stainless steel pots, and then ignore the incomparable advantages of traditional iron pots.

In fact, stainless steel pots are different from old-fashioned woks. The structure of the bottom and wall of the pot is different, and the heating principle is not exactly the same as that of iron pots. It is recommended that those who want to buy stainless steel pots must read this part carefully, and you will learn Learn how to use stainless steel pots correctly, and change the wrong cooking habits in the past.

Before use, heat it to 60° with white vinegar + water, and start to emit steam. The purpose of this is to clean off the industrial oil and metal powder residues that were applied to prevent the oxidation of the pan when it left the factory.

Or brush 3 layers of oil, let it stand for two hours, preheat on medium and low heat, and smear the inner wall of the pot with fat meat. This can also remove the industrial oil protective layer of the new pot when it leaves the factory, and it can also help the new pot to remove the smell and make the pot Utensils are more clean and hygienic. If you want to use stainless steel non-stick pans, you must pay attention to the three elements of non-stick "hot pan, cold oil, medium and small fire".

The hot pot means that it should be preheated in advance before use, because only when the temperature of the stainless steel pot reaches a certain level, will it produce non-stickiness, so heating is very necessary! After the temperature in the pot is preheated, you can pour in cold oil and fry vegetables directly.

Compared with the traditional iron pan, there is no need to reheat the cooking oil until it becomes smoldering. When cooking with stainless steel pans, as long as the temperature meets the "water drop" test, you can put the cold oil into the pan and cook directly! Stainless steel pots have very good thermal conductivity, so in the cooking process, do not follow the thinking of iron pots, and be sure to pay attention to the flame not exceeding the bottom of the pot, so as not to cause the pot to be overheated and turn yellow and black. .

Stainless steel cookware, if used properly, will be the most powerful friend in your kitchen. Pay attention to the correct use method in daily use, and carefully maintain the details, so that it can last forever.

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