The maintenance of stainless steel kitchen utensils is very important


Whether the food is good or not depends not only on the skill of cooking, but also on the pot. For friends who like to cook, a good pot is simply something that can't be met. But in fact, a good pot can also be raised by yourself.

Let me tell you some special attention aspects of stainless steel pots and utensils.

1. Open a new pot. Opening the pot for the first time can make the metal pores on the surface of the pot smoother.

You can use rice washing water to heat in a pot, then pour off the water, and then use a piece of fat to wipe the pot in circles until the fat turns into a small oily residue.

2. Prevent empty burning. Do not dry for a long time, do not heat the pot with cold water immediately, wash with warm water or cold water after cooling.

3. Regularly raise the pot. Pour oil into the cold pan, cover it evenly, and heat the pan for two minutes on medium and low heat to complete the pot raising. If you need to cook, you can start to take care of it now. If you want to maintain it regularly, pour off the oil and wipe it clean with tissue paper.

4. A small amount of ingredients stick to the pan. When encountering a sticky pan, soak in warm water while the pan is still hot, or add water and boil for ten minutes, then use a sponge or soft loofah.

5. Avoid scratching the surface of the pot.

There is no need to use iron kitchen utensils such as shovels, steel wire balls, etc. It is recommended to soak the pot for a while when encountering ingredients that are difficult to wash.

The maintenance of kitchen utensils is very important. Many friends who like to cook will run around for a good pot. The iron pan is very easy to use after it has been raised. It is easier to use than all kinds of non-stick pans. There will be a film on the surface. The film cannot be formed by simply boiling the pan. Do not use detergent.

Reopen the pot after use if necessary.

In addition, there is actually a small method about stainless steel pots that can teach you how to choose. If it is a stainless steel utensil, you can use a magnet to absorb it. If the iron can be absorbed, it means that it contains manganese, which is unqualified.

Food-grade stainless steel is added with chromium, and some merchants add manganese in order to reduce costs. Have you learned the skills of picking pots and raising pots?


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