Raise or abuse? This will last your pan for years!


An easy-to-use pot is an indispensable kitchen utensil in the kitchen, but a good pot needs to be well maintained.

Keeping the pots and utensils well will not only make the pots last longer, but also be healthier for the body. Today, zhenneng kitchen utensils is here to talk to you about how to "raise pots" scientifically~

1. It is easier to use the stainless steel iron pan in this way

The iron pan is suitable for stir-frying. It conducts heat quickly and is light in weight.

However, if it is not used properly, it is prone to sticking and rusting. Opening and raising the pot correctly can make the iron pot smoother, non-stick and anti-rust~

2. The stainless steel non-stick pan is resistant to damage and has a longer service life

Using a non-stick pan to cook vegetables will not cause the problem of sticking to the pan, and it is more convenient to clean, which has attracted many people to buy it.

However, it should be noted that when the non-stick pan is used daily, it is necessary to pay attention to anti-wear and anti-damage.

Otherwise, the coating will be damaged, and the effect of use will be greatly reduced. After clarifying these two points, it is no problem to use a good non-stick pan for 2 years.

3. Just one trick, the stainless steel pot is not afraid of yellowing

Stainless steel frying pans are not easy to rust, conduct heat quickly, use small and medium fires to save fire and reduce oil fumes, and are light and beautiful, so they quickly become mainstream products in the market.

However, if the stainless steel material is used for a long time, yellow stains and black stains will appear on it, which is very difficult to remove, and it cannot be wiped off with a steel wool ball. So how to use it to avoid these problems? We'll talk to you next time.

Use good pots for a healthy life, zhenneng kitchen utensils remind you: we must treat our pots well.

zhenneng kitchenware focuses on the production of stainless steel kitchenware products, and our zhenneng kitchenware is one of the important suppliers of stainless steel products in the world. looking forward to your cooperation!

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