Precautions when using a frying pan


There are many types of pots used in the home kitchen. The frying pan is used for cooking, the soup pot is used for stewing soup, and the frying pan is used for frying fish, meat and eggs. In addition to the convenience that the flat-bottomed stainless steel frying pan can bring us when frying things, what are the precautions for using it?

1. Empty burning is strictly prohibited

When using a pan with a finished surface, please pay attention to the problem of empty cooking. If the stainless steel pan is heated without any ingredients, the temperature will rise immediately, and the surface processing material will be easily damaged by ignition.

Large fires with flames extending beyond the bottom of the pan can also easily damage the pan, so be careful. The stainless steel pot is evenly heated and the heat transfer rate is very fast, so it must be heated on a low heat.

2. Do not use metal spatulas

A spatula or a spatula must be used for cooking in a non-stick pan, but a metal spatula cannot be used for a pan with a surface finish. Please use a wooden spatula with high heat resistance.

Although some pans can also use metal spatulas, sharp-edged spatulas are easy to damage the pans, and stainless steel manufacturers recommend avoiding them. Some frying pans have a honeycomb bottom. Long-term use of a sharp-edged shovel will definitely damage the honeycomb layer, and frying meat will cause the pan to stick.

3. Use a soft sponge to clean

If cold water is poured into the pan while it is still hot after cooking, the processed material on the surface will be easily damaged.

After the pan is cooled, wipe it clean with a kitchen paper towel before the dirt gets stuck, and then use a soft sponge dipped in a neutral detergent to clean it. Scrub hard with the rough surface of the sponge, it will damage the pan, please pay special attention.

4. Wipe dry with a cloth towel

After the pan is washed, it needs a clean cloth to dry the water.

Only iron pans can be fired to dry out the water, otherwise the surface-finished pans will be damaged as if they were fired, so they should not be burned dry. Wipe the water dry to prevent the pot from oxidizing and rusting.


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