How to deal with the blackening of stainless steel pots and utensils


How to deal with the blackening of stainless steel pot:

1. After the stainless steel pot is burnt, some burnt food will adhere to the pot, which is difficult to remove. We can soak it in water for a period of time to soften it and it will be easy to remove.

2. Shanlihong can go to the bottom of the pot to cook rice and stir-fry. If the bottom of the pot is mushy, you can put a few Shanlihong in the pot, add a little cold water to boil (do not boil it dry), and the bottom of the pot will be removed soon.

3. Apply toothpaste, dip some water with a cloth, and wipe vigorously. It is economical and does not hurt the pot, but it may take a little effort to wipe.

4. Tomatoes go to the bottom of the pot. A few tomatoes that are not very good are cooked in the pot, and they will fall off naturally.

5. Remove the beer and white wine from the bottom of the pot. If the pot is accidentally pasted when cooking, and there are crackles on the bottom of the pot, if it is not easy to brush off, you can pour a little white wine and beer and a small amount of water (ratio: 2:2:1) to mix. It's easy to scrub off after 5 minutes with the lid on.

6. Soak it with a high-concentration sodium hydroxide solution (such as 100 grams of water and 50 grams of sodium hydroxide, because it is a strong corrosion must wear acid and alkali resistant gloves, not for cleaning aluminum products), and then scrape with a steel wool ball.

If you find "sodium percarbonate or sodium perborate", you can pour boiling water directly, then add perboron or percarbonate, and pour it out after soaking in the water temperature. The former of the above two methods is to remove burnt grease, and the latter is to remove the color after burning yellow.

7. Remove the scorched scale from the pan. Add water to boil in the pan, add a small amount of detergent, let it sit overnight, and then scrub to remove it.

After scrubbing clean, a layer of oil is required.

8. The stainless steel pot is easy to be stained with black dirt, and it is difficult to scrub. Now just add water to the larger pot at home, put in some pineapple peels, then put all the smaller pots in, boil for 20 minutes, and take it out when it is cold. All bright as new!

9. If the metal utensils are rusty, wash them with salt and lemon juice, which can quickly remove the rust and make the utensils shiny and dazzling.


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