Is it difficult to clean the stainless steel pot after it burns?


The first coup is the method of boiling water with pineapple peel. Everyone is familiar with pineapple. Pineapple is crispy and delicious, sweet and sour, and is loved by many people. The acidity of pineapple peel is relatively strong, so you can boil water with pineapple peel. Pineapple contains The fruit acid in the product can react with stainless steel to effectively clean up the scorched parts attached to the bottom of the pot, and the gloss of the stainless steel washed with pineapple water is just right, and it is less troublesome and labor-saving to clean the scorched parts, and the cleaning effect is excellent.

The second coup is the method of boiling onions in water. In fact, everyone is familiar with onions, because onions have always been controversial. When cutting onions, they are easily affected by the pungent taste of onions, causing tears or uncomfortable eyes, so people don’t I like to chop onions, but onions are rich in nutrients. In fact, onions are not only edible. After the pot is burnt, you only need to chop the onion and put it in the pot, then add water to boil, and you will find that the burnt black part will come off the bottom of the pot. It's also easy to clean up without breaking away.

The third coup is the method of boiling tomatoes in water. Tomatoes are loved by many people as a vegetable and fruit food, and they are rich in nutrients. Of course, in order not to waste food, you can choose tomatoes that are rotten or dehydrated. You only need to cut the tomatoes and put them in the pot to boil the water, and you will soon find that the charred parts start to soften and fall off. It is very simple to clean, because the tomatoes are relatively strong acid, which can quickly and effectively soften the charred matter.

The fourth trick is to remove burnt black with table salt. Everyone knows that table salt itself is used for seasoning, and it has many uses in life, because table salt has the effect of sterilization and disinfection, and it is also very simple to use table salt to remove burnt black. You only need to use a small pot Burn it on dry fire, sprinkle salt after burning, because salt has a strong adsorption capacity, then shake the stainless steel pot on the fire for a minute, and it will be much easier to clean the burnt black part again, even wipe it with a rag .

The above four coups can effectively help you solve the problem of burnt stainless steel pots that are difficult to clean, and will not damage the surface of the stainless steel pot, affect the appearance of stainless steel and people's health problems, and use common ones in life For food, the cleaned stainless steel pot is more at ease.


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