Daily use and maintenance of stainless steel pots


How to use and maintain stainless steel pots daily? The zhenneng stainless steel wok editor summarizes the following points:

1. Use medium and low heat to cook: the bottom of the stainless steel pot is made of steel-aluminum-steel three-layer composite bottom. The stainless steel pot has the characteristics of fast heat absorption and uniform heat transfer. Generally, medium heat can fully meet the energy needs during cooking, and there is no need to open a high fire. The advantage of cooking with medium and low heat is to save energy, and the pot is not easy to turn yellow and black.

2. Generally, a cold pot with cold oil is used for small frying, that is, put the vegetables in the cold pot, pour cooking oil, cover the pot, and turn on medium and low heat. When steam comes out from the edge of the pot lid, you can put in the seasoning and stir.

This will not destroy the vitamins in the food.

3. For stir-fried dishes that require onion, ginger or garlic to be fragrant, you can use the method of heating oil and vegetables. If it is beans, you need to add some water, wait for steam to emerge, and cook for a while on low heat.

4. When frying food, it is necessary to achieve the effect of not sticking to the bottom of the pan, that is, first heat the empty pan until the water bounces into the pan, there will be small water droplets standing in the pan, which will not be absorbed by the pan, and then wipe dry Water stains and oil can achieve non-stick effect.

Or pour the oil into the pot, turn on the water and fire, wait for 2-3 minutes and when there are lumps of oil streaks, it means that the oil temperature has reached the required temperature. At this time, putting in the food to be fried can make it physically non-stick. When you need to turn the food over, first try to push the food with a spatula. If you can push it, you can turn it over and fry it. If you can’t push it, you need to fry it for a while before turning it over. The original shape of the food.

5. Do not put salt into the empty pot to heat, and do not put salt directly into the cold water. The undissolved salt gathers at the bottom of the pot, which will cause the pot to corrode and produce white spots. The correct method is to sprinkle salt evenly before the food is out of the pan, so that in addition to not damaging the pot, it can also preserve the iodine content in the salt.

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