How to open a stainless steel pot


Compared with iron pans, stainless steel pans are less prone to rust and easier to take care of. If you just got a new stainless steel pot, do you use it directly or open it? Obviously, using it directly is a big mistake for two reasons. First, during the manufacturing process of stainless steel pots, industrial oil will be used on the surface. Some of these industrial oils will penetrate into the pots, and it is not safe to use them directly or after cleaning them with detergent; second, stainless steel pots, Especially frying pans will inevitably stick to the pan during use. If you skip the step of boiling the pan, it will inevitably become more sticky as you use it, and the pan will not grow.

But, do you know how to boil a stainless steel pot? It doesn't matter if you don't know, the stainless steel pot manufacturer will summarize the method of boiling the pot and the main points of raising the pot.

The first step is to get the stainless steel pot and prepare white vinegar. White vinegar can be bought in bags in the supermarket, which is economical.

Put the stainless steel frying pan on the stove, add 80% water, and then pour white vinegar into it, just one bag. Then turn on the fire and bring to a boil.

After the white vinegar water in the pot boils, you can turn off the heat.

White vinegar plays the role of deodorization, sterilization and descaling here.

After turning off the fire, use chopsticks to hold the soft cloth to scrub the inside of the pot twice, and scrub the lid of the stainless steel pot and the stainless steel steamer inside and out twice, and you will find that the vinegar water in the pot will become turbid , After that, pour off the vinegar water and wash the pot thoroughly with warm water. Do not wash in cold water to prevent excessive temperature difference from damaging the material of the pot.

After the pot is cleaned, dry the inside and outside of the pot with a soft cloth, then put it on the fire and heat it up. Cut some fat meat, put it in a pot, and fry the oil in the fat meat over medium and low heat.

As the fat seeps out slowly, use a spatula to continuously pour the hot oil into the entire pot. This process will last for three or four minutes before turning off the fire.

This process is to let the oil seep into the pot, and let the pores of the pot absorb the oil, so as to achieve the purpose of keeping the pot.

When the pot is completely cool, you can wash the pot. It is recommended to use oil to raise once every other month. It is a good method to use fat meat or suet.


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