How to open the stainless steel steamer?


Let the editor of the stainless steel product manufacturer tell you how to open the stainless steel steamer!

Preparation tools: steamer, dish soap, warm water, rag, white vinegar.

01. Before using the new pot, clean the pot first, pour slightly hot water into the pot, then drop some detergent into it, and then wipe the pot clean with a rag. Be sure not to use steel wool to scrub, because the steel wool will cause great damage to the pot. By the way, clean the upper and lower sides of the steamer and the lid. This step is mainly to remove the grease and dust in the pot.

After scrubbing the inside and outside of the pot, rinse the pot, steamer and lid again with hot water.

02. Use a dry rag to wipe off the water on the bottom and body of the pot. When using the pot, keep the body and bottom of the pot clean and free from moisture. This can not only prolong the service life of the pot, but also the pot body will not turn yellow after maintenance.

03. Pour more water into the pot, add a little more white vinegar or rice vinegar, and boil it directly on high heat. When using the pot, the flame generally should not exceed the bottom of the pot, which can save gas and save pot utensils It is not easy to turn yellow and black. After the water in the pot boils, put the two steaming trays on the pot and continue to cook for another five minutes. This step is mainly to sterilize the pot.

04. Turn off the fire after five minutes, let the water in the pot cool down naturally, and then clean it with a clean rag when the water temperature drops to the point where it is not hot.

When rinsing, use warm water to rinse, avoid rinsing the hot pot with cold water, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the pot. This step is mainly to remove heavy metal residues. After washing with detergent, it must be washed clean, and the water inside and outside the pot and the bottom of the pot must be wiped dry, otherwise the detergent left in the pot will be damaged when it is wet. It will corrode the surface of the pot, so the stainless steel steamer is finished.

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