How to match stainless steel kitchen equipment? How to maintain it?


When using stainless steel kitchen equipment, many friends may misunderstand because they don't know how to use it. Here is a detailed introduction to the maintenance skills of stainless steel kitchen equipment:

1. Be careful not to scratch the appearance

Do not scrub the surface of stainless steel with rough and sharp materials, especially the mirror surface. It should be soft and not easy to wipe with a cloth. For sanded steel and brushed appearance, wipe along the lines, otherwise it is easy to scratch.

2. Choose washing products carefully

Prevent the use of detergents, steel balls and abrasive materials containing bleaching ingredients and abrasives, and prevent the residual washing liquid from corroding the stainless steel surface.

After cleaning, the surface should be rinsed with clean water.

3. Dust treatment

If there is dust on the surface of stainless steel kitchen equipment, and the dirt is easy to remove, it can be cleaned with soap and a weak brush, and then scrubbed with adhesives, sports alcohol or organic solvents.

4. Oil pollution treatment

Oil, grease and lubricating oil pollution on the surface of stainless steel kitchen equipment should be wiped clean with a soft cloth first, and then cleaned with neutral detergent or ammonia water or professional detergent.

5. Rainbow texture treatment

There are rainbow patterns on the surface of stainless steel, which are caused by excessive use of detergent or oil. Wash with warm water to remove.

6. Gloss maintenance

The rust caused by dirt on the stainless steel surface can be cleaned with 10% or abrasives, or with a special cleaning agent.

As long as we use the correct maintenance methods, the service life of stainless steel can be extended and its appearance clean and bright.

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