The use experience of stainless steel pot (Part 1)


A good pot needs to be used in the right way——Experience in using stainless steel pots and utensils

In our daily life, we often feel that stainless steel pots are not as easy to use as traditional iron pots because we don’t understand the casting principles and usage methods of stainless steel pots, and then ignore the incomparable features of traditional iron pots. In fact, stainless steel pots are different from old-fashioned woks. The structure of the bottom and wall of the pot is different, and the heating principle is not exactly the same as that of iron pots. Pay attention to a few points to better play the advantages of stainless steel pots:

1. Regarding the heating of stainless steel pots and utensils

Because stainless steel pots are not easy to clean, and their materials are different from iron pots, when using them, do not use the thinking of using iron pots. Be sure to pay attention to the blue flame not exceeding the bottom of the pot, so as not to cause the pot to turn yellow or burn. Do not burn the pot body dry for a long time, which will easily cause the pot to turn yellow. Try to use medium and low heat when using it. Don’t worry, qualified stainless steel pots have relatively good thermal conductivity and strong durability. After turning off the fire, the pot body is still warm for a long time.

2. Regarding the non-stick function of stainless steel cookware

Stainless steel pots have non-stick function. The key is to control the temperature. When the pot is hot enough, that is, the constant temperature is 160-180 degrees, and the effect of non-stick food can be achieved. Usually cooking in a stainless steel pot will stick. This is not a problem with the pot, but a problem with the method of use. To prevent the stainless steel pan from sticking to the pan, there are two better preheating methods:

The first method: put the pot on the heat source with medium-high heat (it is better not to exceed the bottom of the pot) and heat it for 1-2 minutes, then sprinkle a small amount of water into the pot until the water drops condense in the center of the pot and stay still , indicating that the temperature has been reached.

If the water beads are sucked dry or jumping around, the temperature has not been reached and more heating is needed (see illustration). After the temperature is reached, turn to medium heat, pour in oil, spread the oil evenly in the pan, and fry fish or other sticky food directly.

The second method (this method is more trouble-free, highly recommended): cold oil and cold pot, pour the oil directly into the pot, and heat until the oil in the pot produces oil patterns and spreads to the side of the pot, indicating that the temperature in the pot is sufficient. Only then is the food cooked.

This method has a disadvantage, that is, it is more troublesome to clean the pot. Guangdong Zhenneng Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. has become an outstanding manufacturer of stainless steel products in Jiangmen, China. Welcome to contact us if necessary!

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