Material classification of kitchen utensils


With the pursuit of health by the majority of consumers, everyone also has new requirements for the quality of life, such as using, eating, playing, etc., all want to pursue health. Wanting to be healthy is a good thing, but do you know what is healthy? healthy? For example, cooking pots, cutting boards, chopsticks for eating, etc. Do you know which material to choose? Today I will give you a comparison!

One, pot:

1. Stainless steel pot:

The stainless steel pot that meets the requirements of food grade 304 is the material selected by most stainless steel pot manufacturers, with stable performance, and the cooking method of stainless steel pot is also healthy, without Chinese-style stir-frying. If there are higher requirements for stainless steel, a few manufacturers will choose 316 stainless steel, which is more stable than 304 stainless steel and has higher corrosion resistance!

2. Iron pan

Iron pans are relatively safe at present, and most households also use iron pans, but they should buy raw iron pans, which do not contain other chemical substances, will not oxidize, will not have dissolved substances, and will not have the problem of shedding. One of the iron pans that is more likely to affect health is its rust. If water accumulates on the iron pan, it is easy to rust, which is not good for health.

3. Non-stick pan

If it meets the national standard, it is no problem to use it at medium and low temperature; when the oil temperature exceeds 250°C for dry cooking or frying, the coating may be damaged and toxic substances will be incorporated into the food.

4. Casserole

A real casserole is suitable for making soup and can also preserve the original taste of food, but you need to keep your eyes open when buying a real casserole.

5. Ceramic pot

There is no problem with regular brand products, but it is not suitable to hold acidic food; the glaze of some inferior porcelain tableware contains lead, and long-term use may cause heavy metal poisoning.

6. Aluminum pan

High temperature or a metal shovel collides with or rubs against an aluminum pan during cooking, or dishes with strong acid and alkali may cause the release of aluminum components, and regular food will accelerate human aging.

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These include: wide-sided pot series, edge-cut pot series, composite steel pot series, hotel pot series, special-shaped pot series and so on.


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